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Tip of the Iceberg: Forest City Ratner Funds BUILD with $5 Million.

Brooklyn Papers
In Bruce We Trust
By Jess Wisloski
"I would add something else-- even more importantly, you have Bruce Ratner's word. That should be enough for you and for everybody else in the community."
Mayor Bloomberg
--at the CBA signing ceremony, when interrupting Ratner, who was answering a question about the enforceability of such a non-governmental document.

Brooklyn Papers
Power Brokers
By Jess Wisloski
"An audience member [at a joint meeting of Commnity Boards 2,6,8] asked if members of the two groups were getting paid by Forest City Ratner for their support of the project. Stuckey [Forest City Executive VP] balked, and refused to answer the question, instead saying, "Why don't you ask them yourself?" A chorus of boos came from the ACORN and BUILD activists who largely packed the audience.

Afterwards, Stuckey told The Brooklyn Papers he didn't answer the question because, "It was insulting. Of course, BUILD and ACORN are not getting paid."

Brooklyn Downtown Star
Two Press Conferences, One Boycott
By Nic Kovac
BUILD President James Caldwell:
"We are grass roots, and we're not at the table for ourselves. We're at the table for the community."

The NY Sun
By Julie Satow
BUILD COO Marie Louis:
Brooklyn United for Innovative Development, or BUILD, also supports the Atlantic Yards development - and has been the target of rumors that Mr. Ratner is its financial backer. The first vice president at BUILD, Marie Louis, called the claim "a malicious and outrageous lie."

Brian Lehrer Live (CUNY-TV)

Brian Lehrer (23:55): "So to what extent, just by way of full disclosure, is your group funded by Forest City Ratner?"

Marie Louis (24:01): "Wow, I mean, we are not funded by Forest City Ratner. You know, from the time, from our inception, we've been asked that question all the time, and it's you, know, very interesting to us, especially many folks coming from communities of color, you know, we wonder why is it that folks think that we cannot think for ourselves? Why is it that we cannot have our own authentic perspective on this project and have one that's multi-dimensional and comprehensive."

Brian Lehrer (24:27): "So when we called them and told them we were going to do this segment and who would they like to refer us to as a spokesperson, they referred us to your group."

Marie Louis (24:36): "Because they know that we're, first of all, we're one of their partners now especially since we signed the Community Benefits Agreement, um, our group, along with the seven other groups, making eight altogether who signed the agreement with them, we're partners with them, on this project, especially as the Community Benefits Agreement is concerned, so of course, you know, if we're going to talk about the project, our perspective would be brought to bear."

Amsterdam News
Blacks remain divided over Ratner development (link no longer active)
By Tanangachi Mfuni
CBA Signatory Reverend Herbert Daughtry:
"I resigned because I felt they weren't doing anything," said Daughtry, who together with BUILD leader Caldwell firmly denies being paid off by Ratner in any way.

Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Pro-Ratner Group Focuses On Jobs, Affordable Housing
By Ben Silverbush
Former BUILD President, Darnell Canada:
BUILD's previous president, Darnell Canada, resigned recently, charging that fellow group members were seeking financial gain, rather than giving the interests of the public the proper attention.

BUILD's Website (BuildBrooklyn.org)
Assemblyman and BUILD Founder Roger Green:
Finally, history teaches us that the process and the protocols used toward the building of communities will inevitably impact the quality of life within our communities. It is in this spirit that I have joined with a number of community activist including Tenant representatives, Block Association representatives, Precinct Council members, business and home owners to establish a new organization entitled B.U.I.L.D - Brooklyn United for Innovative Local Development. This organization will serve as a voice for all of those concerned neighbors who seek to unite our communities towards an enlightened development. B.U.I.L.D. will work within the process that is being set-up by Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz to ensure community input into this historic development. I would also like to acknowledge that Bertha Lewis of ACORN and Tenant activist Darnell Canada among other will be reaching out to the affected neighborhoods and the larger community so that this process might be as democratic and transparent as possible.

The Brooklyn Papers
Pols call for city review of Ratner's arena
By Jess Wisloski
BUILD COO Marie Louis:
"There is no real justified or legitimate reasons for opposing the project," Louis said.

BUILD Lays Down the Gauntlet on Daily Heights [Exclusive!]
By Marie Louis posting on DailyHeights Blog
BUILD COO Marie Louis:
"Instead of complaining about challenges or ignoring them BUILD recognized the hope and the potential to connect people to opportunties through the Atlantic Yards / Nets Arena project. Opportunities to help make a dent in the local unemployment and poverty crises by changing the paradigm for how development transpires in neighborhood. Consequently [BUILD] launched a movement to secure a Community Benefits Agreement

BUILD Lays Down the Gauntlet on Daily Heights [Exclusive!]
By Marie Louis posting on DailyHeights Blog
BUILD COO Marie Louis:
Again, my parting words are: I challenge Develop Don't Destroy to a public Debate on The Value of FCRC's Atlantic Yards and why it would be detrimental to our community for it to not move forward.

MTA May Vote On Atlantic Rail Yard Bids As Soon As Wednesday
By Boby Cuzza
BUILD COO Marie Louis:
"No one was looking to do anything with those rail yards until Forest City Ratner came along," said Marie Louis of BUILD. "It is important to not allow this very important project to be derailed by folks who are just bitter."

The Forward
New York Skyline in the Balance As Real Estate Titans Square Off
By Nathaniel Popper
BUILD President James Caldwell:
"I don't want to make this out to be a black versus white situation," said James Caldwell, president of a pro-Ratner group called Build, "but it seems like that's what it's turning out to be."

Brooklyn Daily Eagle
We Control More Than Half of Atlantic Yards Site, Says Ratner
By Raanan Geberer
BUILD President James Caldwell:
Councilman Charles Barron (D-East New York) attacked the developer for planning only 20 percent for low-income residents, and called the 50 percent market-rate apartments "luxury housing." "You can't afford those apartments," he said to Markowitz, "and neither can I." He also was suspicious of the developer's promises of jobs for low-income residents, and charged that the new residents would "change the complexion of the area," weakening the voting power of the area's black and Latino residents. James Caldwell of the Fort Greene-based, pro-Arena group BUILD told this reporter, "I would be for this project if it only provided 10 jobs. Let's take away Barron's $100,000 salary and see what he says." (Note, as BUILD President, Mr. Caldwell receives a $125,000 salary from Forest City Ratner)

The Brooklyn Downtown Star
Big Man, Small Bid: MTA Gives Ratner 45 More Days
By Emily Keller
BUILD President James Caldwell:
"No longer do young Black men have to stand on the corner and speculate about what's happening - we are at the table and we are being treated fairly," said James Caldwell, president of BUILD, about Ratner's visits to the community during the creation of the CBA. "FCRC is truly like an angel in heaven."

Brooklyn Downtown Star
Brooklyn's Alphabet Soup- One Letter at a Time
By Nic Kovac
BUILD President James Caldwell:
They walked away from the table, he recalled. "This wasn't a black thing. This was about blacks and whites going to the table, but the whites decided to walk away from the table."

Brooklyn Daily Eagle (link no longer active)
CBA Signatory and ACORN Executive Director Bertha Lewis
"It is because of race and class that whenever you have a small group of white liberals running and screaming about something, people think its important. They don't have to worry about affordable housing. They don't give a damn about people of color. All they care about is preserving their little Prospect Heights community."