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Tip of the Iceberg: Forest City Ratner Funds BUILD with $5 Million.
BUILD denies receiving funding from Forest City Ratner (FCR)

excerpt From BUILD's Website:

Myth: BUILD is financially supported by Forest City Ratner.      

Fact: Since its inception BUILD has been supported by its members and community based supporters. BUILD's faith in God and strong ties to the community has sustained and perpetuates our operations and advancement of our mission. Space, computers, supplies and time has been donated to the organization by its members since its inception this year (1/2004).

Brian Lehrer Live (CUNY-TV)

partial transcript:
Brian Lehrer (23:55): "So to what extent, just by way of full disclosure, is your group funded by Forest City Ratner?"

BUILD Chief Operating Officer Marie Louis (24:01): "Wow, I mean, we are not funded by Forest City Ratner. You know, from the time, from our inception, we've been asked that question all the time, and it's you, know, very interesting to us, especially many folks coming from communities of color, you know, we wonder why is it that folks think that we cannot think for ourselves? Why is it that we cannot have our own authentic perspective on this project and have one that's multi-dimensional and comprehensive."

Brian Lehrer (24:27): "So when we called them and told them we were going to do this segment and who would they like to refer us to as a spokesperson, they referred us to your group."

Marie Louis (24:36): "Because they know that we're, first of all, we're one of their partners now especially since we signed the Community Benefits Agreement, um, our group, along with the seven other groups, making eight altogether who signed the agreement with them, we're partners with them, on this project, especially as the Community Benefits Agreement is concerned, so of course, you know, if we're going to talk about the project, our perspective would be brought to bear."

Forest City Ratner denies giving funds to BUILD at a November 29, 2004 joint community board informational meeting with hundreds in attendance:

"An audience member asked if members of the two groups were getting paid by Forest City Ratner for their support of the project. Stuckey balked, and refused to answer the question, instead saying, "Why don't you ask them yourself?" A chorus of boos came from the ACORN and BUILD activists who largely packed the audience.

Afterwards, Stuckey told Jess Wisloski of The Brooklyn Papers that he didn't answer the question because, "It was insulting. Of course, BUILD and ACORN are not getting paid."