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"Why should people get to see plans? This isn't a public project."
Bruce Ratner in Crain's Nov. 8, 2009

Impending Scaleback Won't Cut It

Last week the NY Sun's Dave Lombino reported that a scaled back Ratner plan was in the works. This scaled-back plan was long expected but first tipped-off by Borough President Markowitz's remarks at the August 23rd DEIS hearing. Lombino's report was denied by the Empire State Development Corporation. Today the NY Times reports a 6-8% scaling back of the Ratner plan in an article, Developer Is Expected to Snip Away at High-Rise Project in Brooklyn.

But this is what we called a "Scale Scam" last week, and it's the same this week. Anyone who thinks that the immense opposition to the project is simply about building heights and can be quelled by "scaling back" to the original scale of the project when unveiled in December 2003 is fooling themself.

We're not buying it's significance and neither is Assemblyman Jim Brennan:
...“I don’t think the bottom-line community concern is really about aesthetics, which is what shaving a few stories off the heights of the buildings is about,” said James F. Brennan, a Brooklyn assemblyman. “I don’t think this flies.”

Daniel Goldstein, a spokesman for Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn, added, “They could chop Miss Brooklyn in half in terms of the height and that won’t change our position.” Mr. Goldstein’s group opposes the arena, the project’s density and the state’s use of eminent domain to acquire some of the property.

Mr. Goldstein said he suspects that the developer has had this proposal “in their closet for a long time.”...
It's worth repeating what we posted here last week about all of this:
Don't be fooled.
Developers have long padded the scale of proposed projects, and then sat back while communities cried foul. Once the press has voiced the public?s concerns, the developers, amidst massive fanfare and a show of magnanimity, role back the project by 25% or less ? removing the padding ? and claiming responsiveness to the people?s concerns.

That said, scale is but one issue.

  • The proposed location of the basketball arena is another.
    (There is a way out of that problem...)
  • The extreme density is a third
  • The environmental and socio-economic impact is a fourth.
  • The abuse of eminent domain is a fifth.
  • The undemocratic process is a sixth.

    These are just six of the deep-rooted concerns over the "Atlantic Yards" proposal.
  • The Times continues:
    ...At that point, there could be a long line of politicians and activists hoping to take credit, including the Bloomberg administration, Mr. Silver, Ms. Millman and Mr. Markowitz.

    “Everyone’s going to take credit for something that everyone knew would happen,” said an executive who works with Forest City. “For these guys, it’s very important.”
    No doubt they will try; but credit for what? The kabuki is not entertaining.

    Atlantic Yards Report, getting back to its roots as the Times/Ratner Report, raises critical issues that The Times misses in the article. The most substantial of which is that the project, even with this reported scale back, will have grown in size. AYR's Norman Oder writes:
    AY likely still larger than the original under new scale back (but does the Times notice?)
    A New York Times article today, headlined Developer Is Expected to Snip Away at High-Rise Project in Brooklyn, describes a proposed 6 to 8 percent cutback in Atlantic Yards, stating:
    Officials say that Forest City has not settled on the final numbers for the project, but that it plans to reduce the size by 500,000 to 700,000 square feet by eliminating hundreds of market-rate apartments. That would enable the developer to cut the height of some of the towers, including a 350-foot building on what is known as Site 5, on the west side of Flatbush Avenue, and possibly at Miss Brooklyn.

    Unmentioned is the sequence of proposals, which show that the project could still be bigger than originally announced:
    December 2003: 8 million square feet
    September 2005: 9.132 million square feet
    March 2006: 8.659 million square feet

    A reduction of 500,000 square feet would make the project 8.159 million square feet, while a cut of 700,000 square feet would mean 7.959 million square feet.

    Posted: 9.04.06
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