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DDDB's Position Statement on "Atlantic Yards"
DDDB Board of Directors
Board bios

Reverend Dennis Dillon,
Mr. Ron Shiffman,
Ms. Jezra Kaye,
Ms. Ruth Goldstein
Mr. Bob Law

DDDB Advisory Board

Mr. Pheeroan akLaffMusician

Ms. Jo Andres Artist

Mr. Jim Bouton Athlete, Author, Activist

Ms. Dominique Bravo Attorney

Mr. Marshall BrownProfessor of Architecture

Mr. Steve Buscemi Actor, Filmmaker

Ms. Burnley Duke DameCommunity Activist

Reverend Dennis DillonChief Executive Minister, The Brooklyn Christian Center

Mr. Chris Doyle Artists and Architect

Reverend David DysonPastor, Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church

Ms. Jennifer EganAuthor and Journalist

Mr. Sean ElderProfessor and Journalist

Mr. Jonathan Safran FoerAuthor

Ms. Marian FontanaAuthor and Activist

Dr. Mindy FulliloveAuthor and Professor

Mr. Peter GalassiMuseum Curator

Mr. Nelson GeorgeWriter, Filmmaker and Cultural Critic

Ms. Myla Goldberg Author

Ms. Christabel GoughPreservationist

Mr. Philip Gourevitch Author and Editor

Ms. Sheri HolmanAuthor

Ms. Melissa KantorAuthor

Ms. Susette KeloHomeowner, Lead Plaintiff in Kelo v. City of New London

Ms. Nicole KraussAuthor

Mr. Clem LabineEntrepreneur and Preservationist

Ms. Jhumpa LahiriAuthor

Mr. Bob LawEntrepreneur and Community Activist

Mr. Jonathan LethemAuthor

Mr. Phillip Lopate Author, Critic

Reverend Doctor Daniel Meeter – Pastor and Teacher, Old First Reformed Church

Mr. Rick Moody Author

Mr. Francis MorroneAuthor and Literary Historian

Mr. David NachmanAttorney

Ms. Peggy NorthropEditor, Readers Digest

Mr. Everett Ortner Preservationist, Author

The Honorable Major OwensUnited States Congressman

Ms. Toshi Reagon Brooklyn Singer

Mr. David SalleArtist

Mr. Ron Shiffman, FAICP, Hon. AIA Urban Planner

Mr. Michael Showalter Comedian, Actor

Ms. Martha Southgate Author

Mr. Wes Stace (aka John Wesley Harding)Musician and Author

Mr. Robert SullivanAuthor

Ms. Susan S. Sullivan
Artist, Urban Planner

Mr. Harry Tarzian
Businessman, Photographer

Ms. Michelle Williams

Ms. Martha WilsonArtist and Founding Director, Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc.

Mr. Dan ZanesMusician

Mr. David ZirinSports Commentator

In Memorium
Mr. Heath LedgerActor
Ms. Evelyn Ortner – Preservationist

Read the press release...
DEVELOP DON'T DESTROY BROOKLYN (DDDB), is a volunteer-run and community-funded 501c3 non-profit corporation. DDDB was founded in February 2004.

leads a broad-based community coalition fighting for development that will unite our communities instead of dividing and destroying them. DDDB is opposed to Forest City Ratner's 8 million square foot "Atlantic Yards" development proposal for an arena and 16 high-rises in Prospect Heights and Park Slope, Brooklyn. The $4 billion project would use at least $1.6 billion in public money and would abuse the state's power of eminent domain–taking private property from one owner to give to a private entity for a private use, instead of a public use.

Our coalition consists of 21 community organizations and there are 51 community organizations formally aligned in opposition to the Ratner plan.

DDDB believes that New York City is always about change, but we ask the question: How do we, the people, want that change to occur? We want smart collaboration that creates decentralized, diverse, exciting urbanscapes that New York and Brooklyn can point to with pride. We do not accept the abuse of eminent domain. And we do not want top down, sweetheart mega-deals that give one real estate developer carte blanche.

DDDB supports growth at the MTA's Vanderbilt Rail Yards, with truly affordable housing and career creation; that development must respect the quality of life in surrounding neighborhoods, the well-being of existing businesses, the scale of local architecture and the health of nearby residents. Zoning changes MUST benefit residents, while allowing for new uses. There must be oversight by local officials from community boards to the City Council. And most importantly there must be genuine input from affected communities.

DDDB is fighting the Forest City Ratner plan so that we can have responsible development in our community. We are fighting and will continue to fight in the court of public opinion, political opinion and eventually in the courts of law.

DDDB is a volunteer-run organization. We have over 6,000 subscribers to our email newsletter and 7,000 petition signers. Over 800 volunteers have registered with DDDB to form our various teams, task-forces and committees and we have over 150 block captains. We have a 20 person volunteer legal team of local lawyers supplementing our retained attorneys.

We are funded entirely by individual donations from the community at large and through various fundraising events we and supporters have organized. We have the financial support of well over 4,000 individual donors, with a median donation of $55.

We are proud of our accomplishments.