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April's Fools

Forest City Ratner Releases Final Scope of Analysis saying proposal has been scaled down.
Well, that is Orwellian as it has grown 659,000 sq. feet since it was unveiled 27 months ago, and it remains the BIGGEST project ever proposed by a single developer in the history of New York City...

  December 2003
Proposal Unveiled
March 2006
Final Scope Released
Total Sq. Footage 8 million gross sq. feet. 8.659 million gross sq. feet
Total Building Heights 5395 feet 5623 feet
Housing Units 4,500 6,860
Speculated Jobs 10,000 2,300
(only 700 might be new)
Dec 2003: 8 million
March 2006: 8.659 million

The plan remains an urban planning disaster. It still continues to abuse and use the threat of eminent domain. It is still out of scale, density and character with its surroundings. It is still going through an unaccountable, backroom, non-transparent, non-inclusive, undemocratic process. It would still overwhelm its surrounding communities and pickpocket city and state taxpayers.
And it is still a destructive, publicly-subsidized, backroom, sweetheart deal.

We will be reviewing the final scoping document over the next few days to determine if it has included the massive amounts of community response to the draft scope. What we have seen so far is that the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS), which might come out in late May or early June, will include a point-by-point comparison to Extell's community-based plan, the UNITY Community Plan, and the Pacific Plan.

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